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Mustafa Battle

June 28, 2011

Having come very close to having let an entire month pass without posting due to a large glowing orb up there in the sky, I managed to snatch the shortest of moments to post up pictures of this humble game I put on. The players were The Boy Slug and Daring Dan playing the wonderful Brits, and Fascist Child Killer Tony and Wobbly Steve the beastly Jihadists in a mad skirmish on the dusty plains of Jihadistan. We used Akula’s BAD AR:SE rules, which combined with our eager players made for a brutal afternoons sport.

It started simply enough. The Brits enter from the east meet up with a US recon unit, conduct a simple patrol and then go home – how could that get complicated? The Jihadists had only a slightly more complex mission, the local forces just had to defend the village from the aggressive western agressors, meanwhile the regional forces had to enter from the North, proceed to the police station and encourage the UN worker imprisoned there to join them as a guest. The local forces had a deal with the police meaning they didn’t bother each other, so plenty of lee-way for the local player to simply ignore the visiting forces.

For the Allies it didn’t start well at all. The US Recon unit was reduced to a smoking wrecked Humvee by the time the Brits arrived. Daring Dan’s recce quad found the only anti-vehicular mine by the second turn, while the Boy Slug’s recce motorbike narrowly avoided being hit by a tree rigged with explosives to fall across the road only to drive past a Jihadi scout as if blind only to be shot dead in the back. Dan’s response was to dismount and charge across the fields on the southern flank losing men left right and centre, Slug’s was to camp around Harry Hill and throw a little mortar and Barrett .50 fire into the town. Tony held well and was rolled nowt but sixes and then Steve turned up but became a trifle distracted. Once he’d convinced Tony to attack the police station it was just a matter of time before the building collapsed killing most inside. Then it got more brutal, just about every Jihadi technical was destroyed with accurate fire, not least a transport one – but only after a dozen Jihadis had boarded it. By the time an airstrike arrived there wasn’t too much life to be seen. Effectively it was a twisted blood soaked draw, and as a military endeavour a nearly total waste of men and resources… magic!