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BUF flags

February 17, 2010

Spent some time with Wobbly Steve today, along with the usual boyish buggering around we put together this sheet of BUF logos suitable for use in Very British Civil War 1938 projects. The idea is there’s a size range suitable for use from armbands up to flags, and they’re free for you to use. If you click on them you’ll see a larger version of the image above, and you need to save it. Then you can print away to your heart’s content.

They’re butted up against each other to make it easier to make two-sided flags and pendants by cutting out two and folding them, I’ve not tried them yet, preferring to get them online to share first but that’s just the kind of wonderful person I am. If they’re of some use to you please leave a comment, perhaps even a link to a photo of them, as it’s just that kind of thing which will encourage me to do some more suitable graphic sheets in the future.

For the terminably thick these are graphics for gaming and modelling purposes and not some poorly hidden push of a ghastly fascist agenda.