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My Old China

September 29, 2011

These two china buildings turned up at a boot fair for a whopping quid a piece.

And although simple, perfect for a quick hack with some paint and flock.

Not much had to be done , I liked most of the paintwork and it fits with the colours I use on our table.

Yhe thatch came up well.

and after some flock looked finished.

They fit neatly with figures too.

Slugging it to ’em

September 25, 2011

Many of you, my online game chums, will have noticed how me and the boy slug started making gaming bits for sale. I didn’t really want to clog things up here on the world’s greatest 6mm blog which doesn’t get 6mm posts, so that’s all over at the Slug Industries blog, my humble effort at a web catalogue. It’s all a bit messy and not as graphically enhanced as it could be, but hey-ho it’s a start. I’ll post products on there but only rarely mention them on here. That’s my corporate marketing strategy.

It just seemed the right thing to do, especially having been lucky enough to make chums with Kent’s answer to the 2 Ronnies – The 2 Ians, one from BEF Miniatures and the other from Fenris Games. Their combined fanaticism is the same as my own, and so they’ve been a great encouragement – Thanks!

Meeting great folk like the 2 Ians  in the literal sense is just one benefit of the quite incredible internet circles the gaming hobby community is creating. There’s also all the cyber buddies from various forums who’ve helped out by buying or swopping the new resin bits from me – Thanks!

It’s only fair to warn you – this is just how Games Workshop started.

Newsagent Provocateur

September 19, 2011

Many of you may recall the BUF propaganda wagon I made for Red Rich’s superb demo game of VBCW at Salute 2011. Each book or paper was an actual BUF publication shrunk down, printed out and folded to look like it does. So as unexciting as the image below looks here’s your chance to make your own for whatever you’re working on.

These also include a fine poster by a gent on GWP, and something I didn’t get around to using… the Moseley picture discs. I’ve also used these on bases, and hanging on a hook outside an outdoor toilet. There’s also a poster by GWP’s Bungle, which is one of only two posters by other folk I’ve ever used, it’s that brill. They’re totally free and you just have to click on the image above and save or print it.

Euro Militaire 2011

September 18, 2011

The Boy Slug, Captain Stinky, Daring Dan and myself descended on Folkestone for the annual Euromilitaire show. For those who don’t know it Euromilitaire is a big modelling show on the south-east coast of England which attracts many of our finest modelling cousins from mainland Europe as well as a few eager seppos. Along with some of the world’s finest models in the competitions, there’s a sizeable but quite expensive traders area (£9 models from Modelzone for £13, etc), but also far too many older men lacking in both manners and personal hygene. I imagine their mothers gave them the ticket money. Great models though and here’s my pick of the very best click on them for simply massive versions.

Sieg Hail Me a Taxi

September 12, 2011

In Martin Pugh’s book “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” he mentions very briefly the Fascist Defence Force, a slightly aggressive unit designed to encourage hecklers at public meetings to leave. At the Earl’s Court meeting the beatings dished out by them drew criticism from folk who had gone to hear Moseley speak, including M.P.s.  I’ve seen no mention of them in the world of VBCW, but thought it was time to have such a force: in spirit if not in name, so here is The Fascist Assault Force.

They’re made up with pieces from various suppliers, mainly six bathtub light armoured cars from BEF, three Vickers Medium Mk. II Tanks from Copplestone with various figures adapted with heads from Gripping Beast. They’re designed to work in pairs, one equipped with a Hotchkiss machine gun from a donation from Henry Furd, the other with a rifle grenadier, or in the case above, the commander.

Each pair is named as pairs, so Oswald is paired with his chum Benito, Adolf with Francisco, and Edward with Wallace.

There’s a few small details added too, most of the drivers are wearing gas masks bar the commanders driver because the commander won’t allow it. Wallaces driver has added his own head protection in the form of a dustbin lid, and Francisco has a sun umbrella.

The BEF models were a joy to work with as per, the Copplestone not so much, modding the various figures was great. These will make their debut at the BIG VBCW demo game at Legion in October, so come and see them.